birth name MARIANE HARPER SIMMONS nicknames MARIE, MARY, HARP age & date of birth 25 & JUNE 5TH 1989 hometown DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK current residence TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK occupation boudoir model & part time office administrator & aspiring actress relationship status SINGLE sexual orientation HETEROSEXUAL
When it came to the birth of Melinda's first born and her second, her experiences were like night and day. While William seemed to never want to leave the womb, Mariane arrived three weeks early much to Melinda's relief as she wasn't sure just how much more she could stand being so incredibly pregnant in the summer heat. The differences only seemed to continue as they brought the newborn home. She did not like to sleep through the night like her brother had, and at two weeks, she developed colic. Needless to say the Simmons parents were surprised at just how different two babies could be and were highly relieved when baby Mariane grew out of her highly fussy stage seemingly out of nowhere.

Much to her parents’ relief, her infanthood did not have much effect on Mariane as she grew older. Sure, she had her whiny and fussy moments like most children do, but they never really got too far out of hand. Overall, she was a well-behaved child that actually enjoyed going to school and doing chores.

Of course, as she entered her teenage years, she became a little more difficult to handle. By then, Mariane had two younger sisters and, while she wasn’t starved for attention, she was very dead set on having her own independence and being her own person. Missing curfews or forgetting to call when she was going to be late was a common occurrence, and she got caught sneaking out of or back into the house on more than one occasion.

After getting accepted into Stony Brook University and their Theatre Arts program, she was ecstatic. Her parents were slightly less than thrilled about her choice of majors deeming it as unrealistic, but Mariane didn't care. She'd gotten the acting bug in high school, and it was something she really wanted to try and pursue.

Once there, Mariane flourished. She was enjoying herself and felt like it was all going to fall into place for her. During her second semester, Mariane met a fellow student that would eventually become her ex-fiance. They had a whirlwind romance and were engaged to be married after dating for only one semester. The actual marriage would never come, but the relationship did have its effects on the girl.

Russell was a Studio Art major with his focus on photography, and Mariane was the subject of several of his projects including boudoir and even the occasional nude photograph. She didn't think much of it then, she was just having fun with her boyfriend and helping him out, but when his work got accepted to be showed in a gallery, people started to recognize her.

Mariane found herself being sought out to pose for other students' projects, and it wasn't long before she was seeking out shoots on her own. Her engagement to Russell ended due to jealousy and infedility, but Mariane would tell you now that it was doomed from the beginning because they hardly knew each other before they took it to the next level.

After graduating from Stony Brook University, Mariane returned to where she grew up. She stayed with her parents for just under a year before she landed her own place in Tarrytown. It is a small, two bedroom condo, but it's hers. The guest bedroom often serves as a place for one of her siblings to crash whenever they want as they all have a key to her home.


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☆ smokes anywhere from a half a pack to a pack of cigarettes a day; has tried to quit, but has so far been unsuccessful.
☆ her fridge is always stocked with a bottle of wine and/or beer; her dinner is always accompanied by either drink.
☆ is somewhat of a closet geek, though she's not ashamed of it; most people are just generally surprised by some of her interests.
☆ has appeared in a few episodes of television in minor roles including law and order: svu and the following.

likes & dislikes
[+] doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, the vampire diaries, red wine, budweiser, corona, sleeping in the nude, thunderstorms, warm weather, gelato, music from the 90s and prior, lukewarm showers, the way her hair looks and feels after not washing it for a day.

[-] most new rap music, light beer, yappy dogs, people that run their mouths, going to the doctor, running late, her alarm on most mornings, greasy food, taco bell, messy people, liars, being rejected.

out of character
played-by: daisy lowe.
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